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Before asking to join read all of this and include a reason why you want to join:I have created a tribe for Native Americans in which all were welcome. Just like Thanksgiving...the guests took over as the dominant force. New age philosophies are being brought in. This tribe is for Traditionalists,not progressives, American Indians...the Sioux, the Navajo, The Cree, The Cherokee or Blackfoot and all the Great Nations of the Original to all who have a belief that they are INDIAN. Mixed bloods are welcome...that is not the point...But how do you self Identify? If you self Identify as American Indian/Native American please Join. If your a Mix blood who just wants to find out about part of himself or herself...then the Native American tribe is open to you...Here I would like the posts to stay focused on Native American (TRADITIONAL) views, on spirituality,culture and Politics. Not to snob anyone out....But this "Thanksgiving" is for the people of GREAT NATIONS" the original people and those who are seen as such and identify as such!And those who can respect that.All "New Agers" will be deleted as they do not respect will their posts!!!!!!! you want to join this must have a picture of yourself and also friends and a profile also you must not be new to tribe..there are other Native american tribes to join if you do not meet thease qualifications

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